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Special Programs and Opportunities


Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. In total, about 12.5 million high school and college students are enrolled in CTE across the nation. CTE prepares these learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on context. In fact, the high school graduation rate for CTE concentrators is about 90% – 15 percentage points higher than the national average.


AP gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they're still in high school and earn college credit and placement depending on their results on the AP Exam. To learn more, or to access AP resources, Visit the College Board website at


A Dual Enrolled Student is a student who is enrolled in a community/junior college or state institution of higher learning while enrolled in high school.

Dual Enrolled students can earn up to a semester's worth of college credit in high school. A semester's worth of college credit equals 15 credit hours at Mississippi community/junior colleges or 12 credit hours at Mississippi public universities.



The HHS Middle College “Bridge to Your Future" program is a dual-enrollment program which allows Hattiesburg High School juniors to take college courses at Pearl River Community College while fulfilling their high school class requirements. It is funded by a federal grant to the Hattiesburg School District. Participation in the program is selective. Interested students must meet the admission standards for Pearl River Community College and meet the community college ACT benchmark standards in order to be considered. Students must apply for the program during the spring semester of their sophomore year (10th grade) and submit proof of qualifying ACT scores by May 1st.


The Mississippi Scholars & Mississippi Technical Scholars Initiative are education programs managed by the Mississippi Economic Council and Public Education Forum of Mississippi, which utilizes business leaders to motivate students to complete a rigorous course of study in high school.  This course path gives students a boost – not just for college but for life.

Requirements (will scan PDF)


  • The STAR Student program seeks to recognize students for academic and ACT test achievement. Students are awarded a certificate and medallion as recognition upon becoming a STAR student.
  • The STAR student program does not directly award scholarships - any scholarship a student is granted is given through the Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Charitable Foundation, Inc. or other outside organizations.

STAR Student Requirements

To be eligible for the STAR Student honor, a student may be a regularly enrolled senior or an approved dually enrolled student in an accredited public or private high school and or an accredited post-secondary institution. The student must be completing his or her last year of work and must be eligible to receive a diploma in the current school year. The student must have an overall ACT composite score of at least 25 and an overall average of 93 or above in selected subjects in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and first-semester twelfth grades. The final designation of  “STAR Student” is determined by the Mississippi Economic Council.


*Visit our state’s college and university websites for availability of programs. Some of the most popular are:

  • Trent Lott Leadership Program - University of MS
  • APEX Leadership Program - University of MS
  • College Experience Program - University of Southern MS
  • American Legion Girls’ State - Univeristy of Southern MS
  • American Legion Boys’ State - University of MS
  • Bagley School of Engineering Summer Camp - MS State University
  • Summer Bridge Programs for high school graduates  (see individual institutional websites)