Middle College 2021 Application

The goal of the Hattiesburg High School Middle College (HHSMC) admissions process is to select and admit a

diverse group of academically capable students who have a genuine interest in pursuing this unique and

rigorous program focused on earning a high school diploma along with an associate’s degree. Each application

and accompanying documentation will be reviewed by the admissions team. Elements to be included in this

application are as follows:

  • Academic Potential: GPA, Grades and ACT scores
  • References: Two from current teachers who have the ability to evaluate the student’s potential for


  • Application: Well-written, thoughtful responses provided by the student and parents/guardians
  • Interview: Admissions team will interview applicants
  • Characteristics: Intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, maturity, self-discipline, and the desire for the nontraditional high school setting

Due Date: April 9, 2021


Completed applications must be placed in a sealed manila envelope and turned in to:

Dr. Rosalind Terrell

Hattiesburg High School