Hattiesburg High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Written by Ashley Jackson

January 10, 2020

On Monday, January 13, 2020, at 9 a.m. Hattiesburg High School will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for its construction additions and renovations on its campus. Superintendent Robert Williams, High School Principal Eric Boney, Mayor Toby Barker, and the Hattiesburg Board of Trustees will be present to discuss how the new structure will impact students, parents, and the community.

We talked with the maintenance supervisor, Tony Stanley, who said the new structure will be an approximately 22,000 square-foot two-story building that will host at least 12 new classrooms. 

"This project with the new additions of modern updated classrooms are going to be very beneficial for the students at Hattiesburg High School," said Stanley. 

The building opens onto a covered terrace which will lead to a central courtyard space designed for students. Inside of the new courtyard, the new space will provide a multipurpose area for students including a stage for performing arts, pep rallies and more. A new restroom will also be added to the courtyard area.

"The upgrades that are being done around campus are also going to improve the everyday learning environment for our students and take us to the next level," said Stanley.

Site improvements include a new bus drop off for students and increased campus security with the addition of site walls, fencing, and gates.

A finish date for the new building has not been released yet.

To see WDAM's coverage of the groundbreaking, follow this link: