One Stop MAAP Shop for HHS!

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, and the Monday following Thanksgiving Break, each department headed to the Dome to provide small group remediation for Re-testers and Semester One First Time Test Takers. Our Academic Coaches done a great job with setting up the operation One-Stop MAAP Shop.

During the One-Stop, teachers, administrators, and our academic coaches, worked with students in small groups. The students were able to learn strategies, as well as their “magic number” in order to be successful for their test.

Following the sessions, refreshments were provided to everyone. Great things are happening at Hattiesburg High School. Our students, teachers, and leadership team all are determined that “Proficiency Plus is a Must!” This year, we are “Reclaiming Our Greatness” day by day.

Our English II team will head to the Dome on Monday, December 9, 2019 to conclude with Writing. Encourage your child to be in attendance.