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Student Email Instructions

posted Sep 28, 2012, 12:08 PM by

Email Account
To access your HPSD Student Email Account, visit Use the username and password directions that appear below to login. Your email address is your (Ex.

Note: If you go to, you must use the entire email address as the username. (Ex.

Your HPSD Student username is your firstname.lastname. 
(Ex. John Doe's username is john.doe)

Your password is your lunch number including enough leading zeroes to make the password nine digits. 
(Ex. John Doe's lunch number is 987654, so his password is 000987654. 

Mrs. Knott and Ms. Jenkins would like to remind ALL students to change your password to something private. PLEASE don't share your password with others. 

Sharing your account info, not only DISENFRANCHISES you, it gives others access to your private email. Also remember that anyone with your username and password can send emails and make them appear to come from you. Exercise caution and common sense.

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