School Hours

8:30 a.m. - 3:55 p.m. 

Mission Statement 

The mission of Hattiesburg High School is to educate and equip students with skills to become productive members of society.

Vision Statement

Hattiesburg High School vision is to become a model teaching and learning community that graduates productive and caring citizens who are prepared to succeed.

School Colors

Purple and Gold

School Uniforms


1.     Shirts/sweaters/undershirts: Solid purple, solid gold or solid white collared shirt only. Logos should be no larger than a quarter. Shirts must be tucked in. Approved Hattiesburg Schools team jerseys, warm- ups, spirit t-shirts or sweatshirts may be worn on specific days as designated by the principal. 

2.     Sweatshirts/sweaters/vests: Solid purple, solid gold, or solid white (Logos should be no larger than a quarter). May not be worn/carried around the waist, neck, shoulders, etc. 

3.     Pants/shorts/skirts: Solid color khaki (tan), black or solid navy. Slacks or Capri pants only. No zip-off, low riders, skorts, leggings, jeggings, tights, or jeans. All pants must be worn with a belt and properly hemmed. All skirt bottoms must come at least to the knees. Shorts will be knee-length. Visibility of undergarments is not allowed. 

4.     Hats/caps/head covers: No head covering on campus (caps, hoods, bandanas, hairnets, wave caps, and/or wrap) 

5.     Belts: No chains, badges, patches, spiked accessories, and large belt buckles. If belt loop exists on clothing, a belt must be worn 

6.     Socks/shoes: No flip flops, house shoes, or cleats. 

7.     Middle School: Handbags/purses must not exceed 81⁄2 inches x 11 inches (standard notebook paper) 

8.     Middle School: Students will be allowed to carry clear plastic backpacks ONLY 

9.     Applicable to all grades 6-12: Students are prohibited from wearing additional “patches,” pins, tattoos, earrings, jewelry, or any other item that may be considered lewd, profane, obscene, vulgar, suggestive, distractive, or which may harass, threaten intimidate, or demean other groups; or which display illegal merchandise or contraband; or any item which may distract from the educational process. Gold or silver grills may not be worn to school. Items of clothing, which in any way represent street gangs or gang affiliation, are prohibited. 


1.     Size appropriate clothing is required. 

2.     No bare midriffs. 

3.     Undergarments may not be exposed. Undershirts must be tucked in. 

4.     Students may not wear jeans/denim clothing. 

5.     Hats, headbands, wave caps, bandanas, hairnets, and combs in the hair are not permitted. 

6.     Tears, holes, patches, slits in the seams, and ragged hems in clothing or shoes are not permitted. 

7.     No tank tops, swimsuits, sweat pants, short shorts, beach attire, low neckline, low back line, spaghetti straps, or shoulder-exposing  garments are permitted. 

8.     Pants with elastic ankle or cuff hem are not allowed. 

9.     No gang-related, alcohol, tobacco, or drug-related writing or images on backpacks, shoes, or clothing

School Catch Phrase

Team Hattiesburg

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Hattiesburg High School Library

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